Exterior Detailing

Complete cleansing & purification of all exterior surfaces, to prepare the vehicle for correction & coatings

JB Difference

It all starts and finishes with the wash.

In our books, the wash is one of the most crucial steps. Washing and purifying the paint from embedded grime and contamination not only visually enhances the paint, but also creates the best possible surface for correction & coating. 

This stage is often rushed and overlooked, but is absolutely essential to ensure our next steps are as effective as possible. 

JB Exterior Cleanse

From $250

With an exterior cleanse, the car is washed and thoroughly decontaminated. Contaminants are removed both mechanically, and chemically to ensure a smooth, clean surface. This is performed on every exterior surface of the car, including all intricate areas and spaces. 


This process both visually enahnces the paintwork, and is also an essential part that needs to be undertaken before any of our correction or protection services can be performed.

JB Maintenance

From $100

Our maintenance washes are reserved for those who have their cars coated with one of Gtechniq's Ceramic Coatings or brand new and regularly maintained vehicles.


This process will ensure that your car is completely clean, and the coating is performing beyond its capabilities with the application of one of our signature spray coatings.