Enhancement & Correction

Removal of paint defects, restoring both clarity and gloss. Leaving the vehicle flawless in preparation for ceramic coating.

JB Difference

At JB, we understand that paint correction, enhancement takes a fair amount of time and effort. There is no compromise or cutting corners when it comes to achieving a high end result. 

We understand that every job is different and in some cases will require more or less enhancement or refining stages to achieve the desired end result. This is why we have carefully constructed three services that allows us to produce flawless results and only target exactly what is needed. 

We don't offer paint correction or enhancement in "stages". Instead our services are constructed to perform as many enhancement or correction passes that are necessary to complete a job. 

Paint Enhancement 

From $400 - (6-8 Hours)

Our paint enhancement service is for new, or cars with minimal defects visible

This service is designed rather than removing every defect, to restore incredible amounts of gloss and clarity in the paintwork.

Our paint enhancement service will tranform your car and leave it on a new level, giving a whole new look and feel to your car. 

Minor Paint Correction

From $1000 - (Minimum 2 days)

Our minor paint correction service targets new or used cars that have medium to light to moderate defects and imperfections visible.

Our multi-stage correction process will remove a minimum of 80% of defects on paintwork. 

Removing these defets and imperfections will produce an enourmous amount of gloss & clarity in the paintwork. Leaving the perfect foundation for a ceramic coating to perform at its optimum level. 

Paint Transformation

From $2100 - (Minimum 3 days)

Our paint transformation service is aimed at completely transforming any new or used vehicle to produce a superior finish that only speaks for itself.

There is no compromise in this service, we will ensure we do as many correcting and polishing stages necessary ro remove all paint defects and to truly bring out the maximum levels of gloss & clarity possible from the paintwork.

If you want to truly experience superior results then this is the service for you.